Pediatric Dentist, Denver, CO 80238 - Dr. Jesse Witkoff
Pediatric Dentist, Denver, CO 80238 - Dr. Jesse Witkoff

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"When our son was just about a week old I felt like something was off with his eating. He'd grunt and groan, fall asleep while nursing, suck in a lot of air, and wake screaming in pain from all the gas in his stomach. He had a particularly bad latch, and despite all our efforts nothing seemed to help it. I called the lactation line at our hospital, and was told to "relax," as he was gaining weight at a normal rate. We struggled for several more weeks, the situation never improving. To keep his weight gain up I woke him - even at night - for the first few weeks of his life, and I began pumping twice a day to keep my milk supply up. We finally went to a local breastfeeding support group, hoping to find an answer. The lactation consultant noticed that took our son into her arms and examined his mouth, and informed us that he had a tongue tie and a possible lip tie. She suggested we see a pediatric dentist to have the issue diagnosed and fixed if we desired to do so.

We called our pediatrician and were told that these issues weren't serious, and that we should "try to deal with it" rather than having the problem fixed. But our son's pain, especially when he would wake screaming in the middle of the night, was starting to wear on us all, so we called Dr. Witkoff and made an appointment. When we arrived Dr. Witkoff asked about our son's issues; when I mentioned that he'd been gaining weight just fine, so no one was concerned with his problems eating, Dr. Witkoff sympathized with our frustrations. He knew that there was a "gray area," where the issues were affecting quality of life more so than the purely medical issues like weight gain. He explained that our son did indeed have a lip tie and that he'd suggest having the procedure done to improve his eating. He was able to do the procedure shortly after, within the hour.

While the procedure was a bit traumatic for us (though, as new parents, what isn't traumatic?) our son only seemed to experience a discomfort from being held while the procedure was being performed. He did not seem to have any discomfort afterward, and when we arrived at home we saw improvements almost instantly. That afternoon he was eating for longer periods and his latch greatly improved. He began taking in more to eat as well - within the first couple days he went from averaging 2 ounces per feeding to nearly 4. His overall demeanor improved: he began settling into a feeding and sleeping routine and was much less fussy. Most importantly, the pain he felt with each feeding diminished significantly, and he no longer woke up screaming from it. The same day we had the procedure done we brought our son home and he smiled at us for the very first time (because he finally could!!) and our hearts melted. Since then he's been and eating - and smiling - little machine.

I'm so happy that we had this procedure done, and I'd definitely recommend that any mother who suspects a tie see Dr. Witkoff. Not only was he incredibly understanding and helpful, he was the only person who did not immediately disregard our concerns for our son's comfort since he was gaining weight. Our son's quality of life has greatly improved, and he's not only in less pain but is now much more interactive and happy.

Jamie Powell, 7 weeks old, day of lip tie procedure - first full smile!

Many thanks to your whole team!"


Great dentist! Fantastic staff! My children have seen Dr Jesse Witkoff since 2010; they actually like going to A Wild Smile.

I asked my oldest what he likes about the staff and office: they give you choices of fluoride flavors; they have video games in the lobby; the jungle decorations are cool and the people who help the dentist are nice. Dr Jesse is nice and I like him.

I appreciate that Dr Witkoff is approachable with questions and concerns. He helped my son gain an understanding of the benefits of brushing longer and better. The staff reinforce good brushing techniques and are very patient with young children. Many smiles help kids relax and these smiles are genuine! We love the dentist and the staff! We have had very positive experiences with care and service. We would recommend A Wild Smile to every family in the metro area.

- Dawn T.

Pediatric Dentist, Denver, CO 80238 - Dr. Jesse Witkoff

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