First Visit page art of the lobby for A Wild Smile Pediatric Dentistry in Denver, CO
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Welcome to the pediatric dental practice of A Wild Smile Pediatric Dentistry.

We are an educational based, prevention focused pediatric dental practice where your children's imagination will be embraced through our innovative approach to dentistry.

First Visit

We believe that a child’s first visit to our dental office should be fun, educational and most of all, make a positive impression. This approach allows us to provide the highest level of dental health care for your child.

Dr. Jesse will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums for tooth decay and other problems. In addition, we will teach you how to properly clean your child’s teeth daily, evaluate any adverse habits such as thumb sucking, and identify your child’s fluoride needs.

The Safari

First stop...

Safari Sign-In with Toucan Sam

A Wild Smile reception desk

This is where your child signs in with Sam and receives their very own “passport” that will encourage them to go onto the next phase of their exam.

Second stop...

Hygiene Falls with Wally the Smilin’ Fish

A Wild Smile tooth brushing station

Wally will teach your children how to keep their teeth healthy and clean, learning how to properly brush and floss.

Third stop...

Smile with Lyle

A Wild Smile patient getting a x-ray

Lyle is a big stuffed monkey that is very eager to have his picture taken with your child. This eases any anxiety or fear of taking xrays. Our state-of-the-art digital xray machines produce only 1/10 of the radiation typically found in x-ray machines, just another thing you can feel good about.

Fourth stop...

Einstein Al and the Education Station

Dr. Jesse Witkoff at the education station

Al and our Dental Assistant will go over topics like frequent snacking, flossing, and what causes decay. Dr. Jesse provides a comprehensive exam at this station to ensure your children are decay free. This is also where your child receives their final stamp in their passport and a special autograph from Dr. Jesse, congratulating them on a job well done.

Motivational Charts

Your child will enjoy healthy dental habits when they use these Motivational Charts. Encourage regular brushing or help them break the thumbsucking habit.

Activity Sheets

Want something fun to do? Print one or all of the below Activity Sheets to see if you can conquer the Dental Crossword Puzzle, find all of the Hidden Toothbrushes, Unscramble the Dental Words, or find the Hidden Dental Words. We know you can do it!