Special Needs Patients


Our office provides extra support for children with disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, sensory integration, anxiety and down syndrome.

We have worked with specialists to create a variety of support. We have developed:

  • A visual work system where a child is shown each step with pictures and a description of the process. After the child completes each step they check it off to show it is completed and they can move on to the next step.
  • We also use desensitizing tools such as a medicine ball to provide deep pressure and a surgical brush.
  • Social stories are sent home with the child which script out in a visual manner what the child will experience when at the dentist.
  • Our staff has been trained in sensory processing disorder and autism spectrum disorder by specialists in the field. We strive to make the visit to the dentist positive and comfortable with minimal stress. We have experienced great success for our special needs patients using these tools.

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